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wow, aquaponics , now that i have seen the results for myself , using all natural ingredients,I am impressed, i can only imagine what the brummie bubbler must work 


In this HEAT  flowering plants , fruiting plants and all variety of plants tend to wilt, dry up etc . This is the kind of weather that AIR COOLED LIGHT SHADES were invented for . Get an additional 6 inch fan , ducting and up to 5 lights in a row can be cooled by sucking the air into the fan and through the duct and lights exiting outside the designated growing area. This cools the lights , which brings the heat down and stops the plants from stressing as well as allowing the lights to be closer to the plants


powdery mildew, a problem this year seems to be alot of it about, I recently discovered that if you use Dutchmaster zone and saturator mixed together and sprayed on it clears up fast. Visit the shop for more details

pyth tabs

Plant magic pyhth tabs work 99.99% of the time , at this time of the year ,thats worth knowing

Dutch pro

Dutch pro was another nutrient on the market , that i thought was going to just gather dust on the shelf ,but wow was i wrong people are mad for it. Especially "Explode" , people are using this as a stand alone product with other nutrient ranges , so the why not try it

eurolux lighting kits

we have been stocking the Eurolux light kits for about a year now , complete,dual spectrum light kit only £69.99, they are going well and seem to work well as clients keep repeat ordering them.

big j

the Dutch Touch Filters range has now become our most sort after filters because they work good


Big tops xxx boost will be back in on thursday next week, for those who want it,

Dutch Touch Pro Filters

The Dutch Touch Professional filters are here and they work ! They match and surpass any on the market at the moment, It is granular filled which leads to better filtration. Made in Holland. Quailty that works

Airforce 2

Very impressed with the Airforce2 acoustic fans, pricey but worth it

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